Why You Should Consider Microblading in 2019

February 15, 2019
February 15, 2019 Kiosha Francis

If you’re looking for something new, either in your appearance or your life, the answer may already be staring you in the face. Microblading is a technique that can make your eyebrows and eyelashes look better than ever. You’ll always wake up looking fabulous! And as a growing field, there are career opportunities for people who learn how to do microblading. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider microblading in 2019!

Microblading is a fairly new technique and many people are unaware of what it is or what it can do. Microblading is a procedure that can give beauty clients a unique and specific brow shape that is to their liking. This include common styles like feathered brows, fuller brows, dramatic thick brows or natural brows. Best of all, microblading eliminates the everyday process of applying makeup on the eyebrows so you can toss your eyelash pencil in the trash.

In Atlanta, Kay, the Queen of the Brows, performs microblading services. In a way, microblading is like a semi-permanent make-up. Through a manual process, a technician inserts pigment into the upper layers of skin which can create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows.

We also specialize in eyelash extensions that can enhance your natural beauty and create a glamorous, natural and sultry look. We produce excellent results and our experienced technicians make the procedure extremely safe. Our eyelash extensions are feathery soft and made of high-quality materials and will stay put for the duration of your natural lash life cycle. You can see a gallery of before and after pictures on our homepage to see the results our process can produce.

Microblading is growing in popularity and that creates opportunities for those willing to learn how it’s done. Queen of the Brows has classes for microblading, eyelash extension application, and a combination course that teaches both skills. If you wanted 2019 to be the year where you started getting ahead financially, this is an opportunity you can’t ignore. You can boost your income by becoming a Microblading Technician and/or Mink Individual Lashologist in just five days! The average procedure costs between $450 and $800 and only takes two hours to complete. So it doesn’t take many clients to have a huge impact on your monthly income. You can easily make thousands of dollar every day you work.

When getting microblading performed or learning how to perform the technique, it’s important to choose a provider you can trust. Kay is a Certified Microblading Expert who has specialized in eyebrows shaping for more than 15 years. In addition, Kay has Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with Honors. It was her work in the healthcare industry that sparked her interest in techniques like microblading, which can be used to help patients who lose their eyebrow hair as a result of chemotherapy. You can learn more about Kay and why you can trust her with your microblading needs by reading the bio on our website.

If you’re ready for a change in 2019, then you should strongly consider trying microblading. Whether you’re looking for better contoured eyebrows, luxurious eyelashes, or a path to financial security, Queen of the Brows has you covered. Call us at 404-475-2633 to schedule an appointment or visit our website to learn more.

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