Change Your Brows – Change Your Life

March 25, 2019
March 25, 2019 Kiosha Francis

At the Queen of the Brows, every day we help customers to change their appearance and boost their confidence. Some of these services are pretty new, so people don’t really understand them as well as they might understand more traditional things like spa treatments – but so many of them are very happy when they make the choice to go ahead and get eyebrow work done!

When you come in and check out our professional office and see what we offer, you’ll be amazed at how these services can change your look. These days, a makeover is much more than it used to be. We can help you to sculpt your eyebrows and get that ultramodern, chic look that you see in magazines. Those days of relentless plucking in front of the mirror are gone – now you have more options in creating the look that you want!

Microblading and Micro Shading

Our microblading techniques are state-of-the-art ways to alter your contour of your eyebrows. We employ the most modern technology to help you change your appearance with tools that go below the surface of the skin to add subtle accents and details. You’ll do less plucking and less penciling when you benefit from these innovative ways to control your eyebrows. Our customers love the freedom of just getting the in-office work done and enjoying it for a long time afterward without spending hours tweezing and teasing around eyebrow contours. Let us do the work and just back in the results!

Training Others

At Queen of the Brows, we’re so excited about these modern methods that we are training others to provide them to customers. Microblading and eyebrow shops are the nail shops of the future – while we have a lot of manicure and pedicure shops all over our local communities, eyebrow shops are newer, and not as commonly seen. That’s going to change, because these services are so popular and do so much for a person’s overall sense of style. What we can do with microblading and related techniques is simply amazing!

Take a look at all of the videos on the Queen of the Brows site and you will see all of the details about how we go about these procedures. You’ll see customers “in the chair” and our technicians at work. Queen of the Brows excels in helping you get these modern services with the best customer service and attention to detail. You can read all about it and actually see us in practice online and come in for a life-changing visit – you’ll be impressed at what we can offer you in terms of making your face look great with symmetric, contoured, smooth and sleek eyebrow lines.

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